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The company Glonet Security & electronic keyless door lock has a relationship as the company is the one serving the Canadian security & surveillance industry with a passion. Obviously, the passion that they use to serve makes it a company that has a massive passion for the people. Hence, as well as the businesses for the sake of meeting their demands regarding safety. Apart from safety, it’s surveillance & security. A sector that is serving the Canadian Govt. and many other related industries for many decades.

The electronic keyless door locks are the ones used for the electronic keyless entry. Thus, as well as for the passive keyless entry. So, these days it is people don’t want to keep a bunch of keys with them. Obviously, this can even be something that can damage the doors. The whole bunch of keys, or the door key is lost as it happens. It is the era of the fobs or the swipe cards. Scanned on the doors, i.e. just the cards otherwise. That is, to open the locks automatically. These are electronic locks also known in the surveillance industry as electronic keyless door locks. Obviously, for the sake of electronic keyless entry.

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These fobs and keys are programmable. Programmed from the computers, obviously which they are. Importantly, for the sake of the safest entry. Hence, via the use of fobs. In addition to this, the electronic entry passes. Thus, also known as electronic cards.


The fobs and the electronic cards make it easier the monitoring. That is remote monitoring & for the sake of surveillance. It is the thing that is owing to the surveillance & safety industry & the credit goes entirely to the IT or information technology.

Talking about the exterior keyless entry door lock which is a fashion of safety & surveillance in the sector. Used in homes as well as in the offices and commercial industry in CA. It is not that easy to break. Furthermore, there is no key for the entry which means that the programmed card is what makes it the safest for a passive keyless entry.


The buildings are mostly found in CA, i.e. in the smart buildings. Especially, in the city of Calgary from the Province of Alberta? It is the electronic keyless door locks that make monitoring in smart buildings very safe & secure. Obviously, makes the entry as restricted for reasons that are important to know.

If for instance, someone is accessing a room. Dedicated to that particular person, as the card is furthermore. That is, with the name along with the visitor’s pass. This is something amazing. Obviously, as the BMS or the Building management system. Thus, they are there in the building for the monitoring of people. As well as, for their surveillance. They shall know who enters the room. Apart from this, the name and designation of the person & what time. Things can get really easy for a monitoring company like Glonet who shall definitely know the Who is Who & What is What in detail. For the most obvious reasons, it is the restricted access. Thus, that needs to be stopped. Obviously, as someone whose access is not granted. Obviously, shouldn’t enter the particular room.


For the sake of security & for the sake of surveillance. It’s the electronic keyless door lock are best for people. These are the ones, who work in smart buildings and for better surveillance. Merged with the security industry CA, as Surveillance is a key industry. Obviously, this is the backbone of surveillance. That is, in the many merged sectors. Also, includes the immigration industry CA and for the sake of proper management of people as well as their activities.

How they work is something that will be important to know. That is, not only for the passive keyless entry. But, better safety management.

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Your fob is in your hand if you are a colleague. Otherwise, a client who is authorised for an entry in many rooms. Thus, listed to you in a confidential building. Otherwise, it is the electronic card. Hence, which is the mandatory thing for an electronic keyless entry. Thus, through an electronic keyless door lock. This is how it works. Ironically, you need to put the card or the fob on the scanner. Known as a door scanner as it is also known. The colour of the indicator will change and the lock will open up as soon as it sounds ‘Tick’. This will ensure your safest entry. That is, a keyless entry and also something which avoids the hassle & the dissatisfaction of the door safety. One of the most vital ingredient of safety & security management in the surveillance industry CA.

Canada is a country which lies in top ten safety index. Apart from this, the keyless entry. Also, fob systems and electronic cards. Thus, apart from CCTV cameras makes it even safer. Safety is a state of mind & safety of Canadian people & premises matters most for all involved stakeholders.

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